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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Share Experience.How to Past the Driver License?

Hye everyone .. whether you are youth .. or 'foot motor'..'remp-it'..or foot car..haha..
Actually not difficult to obtain driving licences as long as yo know what a motor or a car or a trishaw..huhu..I just want to share my experiences not along time ago while taking the test driving license..here I think when you go to tegister rotation during the test day,you don't to come too soon or be the first one..hehe..it doesn't matter if you're person who's already had skill in driving and maybe have no feeling nervous..why?
It's because the first who sign up will be near the front of the hill and didn't have time to try the clutch or anything..it's because most of cars have less power and many who use it.
So my suggestion..huhu..if you want to choose a car that we always use when studying for 10 hours of course we know a comfortable car which we ride..so it's important to remember the number plate of the car..but how do we get that car?so let's share if you know..huhu..

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